Josh Tatum Back from Tuscaloosa

Josh Tatum Back from Tuscaloosa

Josh Tatum went camping in Tuscaloosa Monday, and he tells about the experience.

"I had a great time at 'Bama," Josh Tatum exclaimed from Marbury, (Ala.). "It was the toughest camp I have ever been to, and I loved it. You are constantly moving. There is never any standing around waiting—some guys were getting sick out there."

"I think coach Saban was trying to separate the men from the boys. We are doing Alabama's 4th quarter program at my high school, so I wasn't one of the people getting sick. I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot while I was there."

The offensive lineman appears to have made a good impression.

"They want me to come back to Tuscaloosa Saturday for the OL/DL camp, and I'll be there," Taum said.

"I talked to coach Pendry and coach Saban. Coach Saban told me I had a lot of potential, and he would like to watch me this fall in practice and in a game situation."

Tatum also watched some of the current Alabama players work-out while on campus.

"I saw Taylor Pharr, Antoine Caldwell, Bobby Greenwood and Jimmy Johns. They were all impressive with their work-outs. They were throwing some weight around. They worked out at a very fast pace," Tatum said.

"Taylor Pharr is a monster. I saw him at A-Day. He was huge then, but the guy has gotten even bigger. His form is flawless when he's lifting. It was amazing to see those guys work. The effort was unbelievable."

"They were supposed to run 16 -110s (110-yard sprints) with 19 seconds rest, and they ran 27 that I counted. That's what I mean about the effort. They're doing more than is expected of them, and it was something to see."

While Tatum makes no bones about wanting an offer from Alabama this isn't the only camp he has attended this summer.

"I went to Louisville last Sunday, and I did well up there," he stated. "I talked to coach Mallory and Coach K. They told me I did a good job. They want to come see me play this fall."

"It was a good camp. I learned a lot up there that will help me this fall. I feel like I learned something that will help me at every camp I've been to. Their offensive line coach, coach Myers, I think, was really good at teaching."

"I also went to UAB's one-day camp. It was more of an evaluation than a camp. It was all right though. Coach Will Friend and coach Calloway--they basically told me they would see me this fall."

"Everyone wants to see more of me before they offer me a scholarship, or it seems that way. I still don't have an offer, but I'll keep working hard and preparing myself to be in a position to earn one this fall."

Tatum plans to attend camps at Auburn and Arkansas in July, but says his plans could change with a phone call.

"I would go to some other camps if the opportunity presented itself," he said.

You can follow Josh Tatum during his senior season at

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